TinkerTouch & Limecraft

Gent, dec 16th 2011 – Limecraft and TinkerTouch are developing SCOOP, a tool for computer assisted manufacturing of television and film production. Instead of hand-drafting a storyboard, scenes and characters are animated.  Virtual cameras render an accurate point of view and an integrated speech synthesizer provides a good approximation of time. All editorial decisions are directly linked to a time-line and that information is used to automate production and post-production processes.www.teststarter.com

Conventionally, a large number of the creative decisions are taken during production, which is thus prone to trial and error. There is huge potential for improvement in terms of quality, lead-time and cost.  In the near future, cross-functional and configurable content will irreversibly substitute traditional television. By using Scoop, producers adopt agile, cost-effective and scalable methods that are essential to manage the complexity of multi-channel and interactive distribution environment.

Limecraft is a technology startup, active in the media sector.  Being a spin-off company of VRT and IBBT, it extends about 40 years of earlier research and development in the area of audiovisual media.  Limecraft’s customers include production facilities and broadcast operators.  Spending over 50% of its activities the coming 5 years, Limecraft will continue delivering products and services at the cutting edge of technology.

TinkerTouch is a high-tech spin-off company specialized in the realization of innovative and high-performance user interfaces. TinkerTouch offers design, development and deployment of multi-touch multi-user interfaces. TinkerTouch provides its customers with  custom-made solutions to allowing to experience a new and innovative way to interact with a software application.

TinkerTouch is a spin-off company of IBBT and University of Hasselt.HP0-P21

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