Televic is a company that creates, designs, and manufactures high quality solutions for a range of niche markets. The different markets are united around a technical symbiosis of high quality communication and are targeting the conference market, the rail market, the healthcare market, the education market and the high end audio visual integration market.

In each of these markets the Televic companies have excellent references that build on high quality design, long term customer relationships an high quality R&D performed in house and in close collaboration with research institutes such as IMEC and IBBT.

On the booth a slideshow will give an overview of the Televic accomplishments during it’s more than 60 years of existence. Additionally, the Xtramira product is being demonstrated. The Xtramira product aims at providing a solution for the ageing society to enable elderly persons to retain a longer independent lifestyle at home, without the stigma of being a safety product for old people. This is a product developed based on interdisciplinary research performed with IBBT (COPLINTHO and TranseCare research projects). Today this product is commercially available to the market, while being used in a living lab context in Kortrijk (LeYlab project) and a European project that networks the Flemish living lab with the Helsinki living lab (Apollon).

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