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The Smart Cities project is creating an innovation network between governments and academic partners in the North Sea Region that is leading to excellence in the development and take-up of e-services and e-government, and which is setting new standards for e-service delivery across the whole North Sea region.

The Smart Cities partnership is made up of thirteen partners from six countries in the North Sea region. All of the government partners are leading cities and regions with considerable experience in developing and delivering e-Government. Project partners want to improve their e-service-delivery by rethinking the basics of service delivery, by changing their innovation methodology, by transferring their best practices to other project partners, and by engaging with academic and research partners from the very beginning of this process.

The project aims to develop an understanding which e-services services work best and why.

It will:

  • facilitate the transfer of e-Government successes across national borders,
  • identify and support the real transformational impacts of this transfer of good practices on local government service delivery,
  • equip decision makers with the knowledge and ambition to continue to develop innovative approaches to deliver e-enabled public services; and
  • integrate national authorities in these efforts to deliver enhanced services and approaches to e-government services.

At the European level, the project will support the creation and growth of communities of practice across the North Sea Region by building organisational commitments to inter-regional government service sharing and by developing their capacity to deliver these changes.

Smart Cities is partly funded by the Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme of the European Union. The North Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 works with regional development projects around the North Sea. Promoting transnational cooperation, the Programme aims to make the region a better place to live, work and invest in.

In this exhibition, you will be able to see and experience the e-government projects and the results of the Smart Cities project and you will learn about the goals and ambitions of the North Sea Region Programme

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