Immersive Collaboration Environment (part 1)

The demonstration shows how to create a networked (point-to-point) immersive environment that allows people which are not co-located to communicate, interact and collaborate with each other.  Three main different technologies, which are on itself novel, are integrated in order to form an “office-of-the-future” setup.  Firstly, users have a multitouch table at their disposal through which they can share and collaboratively manipulate information, each using their own multitouch table as if it were one virtual table. Actions on objects are distributed over the network, while people still can have their own view of the information.  Secondly, free-viewpoint video allows the participants to have eye-gaze corrected face-to-face communication.  By tracking the position of the participants relative to the screen, a correct perspective three-dimensional view of the remote participant can moreover be rendered. Finally, a seamless multiprojector system is used to increase the resolution and sense of immersiveness.  Our system uses several calibrated projectors in order to create a surround image of the remote site, which allows us to project on arbitrary surfaces, including corners of a room.

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