Living labs

In a living lab, a large number of users interact with new products and services in their daily – professional and private – life. This allows for researchers to assemble user feedback and to systematically observe, monitor and analyze user behavior in a natural environment.  This way the innovation process is pulled out of the corporate lab context. A real-life setting is essential to find out whether a good idea or concept could form the basis of a successful product or service in the future.  This heavy user involvement distinguishes a living lab from traditional market and user research. It’s important to ensure that these kinds of living lab activities are based on a scientific research methodology while leaving room to innovate and develop further.  Within IBBT, iLab.o designs, coaches and supports living lab projects.

iLab.o helps you to develop your idea for a living lab into a successful project:

  • We support you in the drafting of your approach and methodology, to ensure reliable research results
  • We select and contact a representative target group
  • We help you design the right IT infrastructure
  • We get you in touch with interesting partners, either from you own domain or outside
  • We coordinate your living lab project
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