IBBT Future Internet Demo: Cloud Computing

We are clearly witnessing a trend towards offloading computationally intensive tasks to cloud infrastructures. This demo presents two important scenarios, where constrained devices are tapping into the cloud in order to access CPU resources. First, we present a mobile thin client system, allowing to run demanding applications on any mobile terminal, while the second demo allows to display advanced Electronic Program Guides on off-the-shelve set-top boxes. In thin client computing, the user interaction and computation are split up and divided by a network that transports graphical updates and user events (keyboard strokes, mouse clicks) between the two parts. In the MobiThin project we bring this thin client paradigm to the wireless market, so demonstrations over a wireless network, with mobile devices arepresented. An optimized thin client protocol is compared to the unoptimized version, and the visual quality differences will be clearly visible. Current Set-Top Boxes are expected to offer a wide range of functionality, yet stringent limitations are implicated to minimize maintenance, power consumption, hardware cost amongst others. The current trend is that content is spread around. Users need a way to consume their media transparently, wherever these reside. We propose to virtualize the Set-Top Box by executing the EPG on a server in the cloud. The EPG integrates the broadcast content with the local media of the user. The Set-Top Box of the user is only a lightweight presentation system, that can present and interact with various sources of content

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