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Booth Compartment Project/Sponsor
IBBT IBBT corporate
IBBT Living Labs
A 1/3 European Commission
A 4 EFIPSANS IPv6 (Mon-Tue) – Eurescom/NEM (Wed-Fri)
B 1 Meshbone
B 3 Tinkertouch & Limecraft
B 4 Geosparc
B 5 UserPlus
C 2 Fireball
C 3 Apollon
C 4/5 Smartcities CIP Portfolio
D 1 SmartCities/Interreg (Tue) – CELTIC Plus (Wed-Fri)
D 2 Bull
D 3 Schelstraete & Desmet
D 4 F.I.T.
E City of Ghent: 3D Cave
F 1/2 LRM
F 3 Nascom
F 4 ICT Portugal
F 5 TomTom
G 1 eMobility Networld / Net!Works
G 2 Televic
G 3 FFG / idealist
G 4/5 VRT Medialab
H Alcatel-Lucent
H corner Alcatel-Lucent: Connected Car
I 1/2 Belgacom
I 3 IBBT Archipel / Vlaanderen Ingebeeld
I 4/5 Belgacom
J 1 IBBT Research department: Future Internet
J 2 IBBT Research department: Future Media & Imaging
J 3 IBBT Research department: Security
J 4 IBBT Research department: Future Health
J 5 IBBT Research department: Digital Society
K 1 eu.projects (Mon-Thu)
K 2/3 Telenet
K 4 Cisco
K 5 TNO (Tue) - CRP Henri Tudor (Wed) – Unit4Agresso (Thu)
L 2 Siemens
L 3 myUpcoming.com – Mobile application for your conferences
L 4 Technicolor
L 5
N 1 IBBT Future Internet Demo: Security of Software for Future Internet Applications (SEC SODA)
N 2 IBBT Future Internet Demo: Cloud Computing
N 5 IBBT Future Internet Demo: Immersive Collaboration Environment (Part 2)
O 1 SRLG inference in OSPF for improved reconvergence after failures
O 2 NinSuna: Metadata-driven Media Delivery
O 3 Automated Management of Network Experiments and User Behaviour Emulation on Large Scale Testbed Facilities
O 4 Spectrum Sharing in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: an FP7 CREW use Case.
O 5 Immersive Collaboration Environment (Part 1)
P 1 Future Internet Management Platforms for Network Virtualisation and Service Clouds
P 2 A middleware infrastructure for multi-rule-engine distributed systems
P 3 Demonstrating Distributed Virtual Networks
P 4 SOA4All in Action: Enabling a Web of Billions of Services
P 5 FIRE – FIRESTATION Information kiosk
Q 1 Future Internet Architectures and Scenarios by means of Opportunistic Networks and Cognitive Management Systems
Q 2 Enhanced Privacy and Identity Management  for Community Services – Demo of the PICOS project
Q 3 Future Internet Monitoring Platform for Computing Clouds
Q 4 MASTER as a Security Management Tool for Policy Compliance
Q 5 Experimenting with Multipath TCP
R 1 MICIE: An Alerting Framework for Interdependent Critical Infrastructures
R 2 Demonstration for the 3DLife Framework
R 3 Coverage and Capacity Optimization of Self-managed Future Internet Wireless Networks
R 4 OneLab: Developing Future Internet Testbeds
R 5 Service Compositions for All
S 1 REMICS- REuse and Migration of legacy applications to Interoperable Cloud Service
S 2 Environmental Service Infrastructure with Ontologies (ENVISION)
S 3 Demonstration of the SmartLM License Management Technology for Distributed Computing Infrastructures
S 4 ecoBus – Mobile Environment Monitoring
S 5 Enabling Interoperability for SOA-based SaaS Applications using Continuous Computational Language