City of Ghent

One of the main strategic goals of the City of Ghent, towards the year 2020, is to become a  European centre of knowledge, innovation and creativity.  Therefore we are proud to present, in association with our ICT partner Digipolis, ourselves at the Future Internet Conference Week 2010, with a totally paperless stand.  In order to visualise ‘Ghent in 3D’, one of our European sponsored IT projects, we built a full scale 3D-C.A.V.E. (Computer Aided Virtual Environment): a cube of 3 meter, formed by projection screens. Therein you will find an overview of our city renewal terrestrial projects. In addition we will give a presentation of how a top-of-the-art 3D-scanner nowadays works and how we use it for a virtual tour around and within parts of Ghent. On two other projection screens, we will show a combination of moodfilms, figures & facts about the City of Ghent, how we  present ourselves online and what our – local and international – smart city ambitions are. If you are in any way interested to work with us, please leave your contactinfo at our stand! 

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