IBBT Research department: Future Media & Imaging

Our aim is to become a Center of Excellence for media research and applications. While defining the initial research lines for the Future Media & Imaging Department, we looked beyond the current application scope. We identified long-term research themes, by spotting key technological trends that could even disrupt current application models. From these, taking into account the expertise of the participating research groups, and based on many talks with a wide variety of partners (industrial partners going from SMEs to multinationals, publicly-funded and privately-owned actors, academic and R&D partners, …), we identified general research challenges, related to concrete application domains:• TV and multimedia entertainment;

  • global content management
  • multimedia communication
  • biomedical imaging
  • non-destructive testing
  • media production
  • public safety, surveillance, and smart environments

Finally, we defined a number of specific research activities, that will be conducted within four Research Units:• Multimedia Representation, Transmission, Visualization and Forensics;

  • Image and Video Quality Improvement and Analysis
  • Multimodal (Pre)Clinical Imaging: Biomedical Image & Signal Processing and Analysis
  • Metadata-based Content Adaptation & Senses for Likeable Systems.
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