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Internet in all candour – FI week countdown (II)

Is internet a threat to our privacy? Last week I sent an e-mail to all my LinkedIn-contacts to alert them to some recent changes in my career. To my shock, I received an error message from the e-mail address of … Read more →

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Give us a faster and smarter internet – FI week countdown (I)

The future of internet It is sometimes said you have to study the past to predict the future. Does this wisdom also apply to technologies that only came to us a couple of decades ago? Does this wisdom apply to … Read more →

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Why do we need IPv6?

The internet is coming to an end? No more IP addresses? No more internet? The internet is built upon a protocol suite called TCP/IP. This abbreviation stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. When your computer communicates with the internet over … Read more →

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Immersive walk through Brussels @ iMinds!

Would you like to take a walk, using my body in Brussels?pass4suresale With state-of-the-art immersive technology, CREW will shift your presence from Ghent to Brussels in no time during the iMinds conference! C.A.P.E. invites you to exambusiness discover Brussels in … Read more →

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iMinds includes two lunch events

The iMinds conference¬†will also include two lunch events: the ICON pitch forum and an HR debate! Could you be interested in joining a new Interdiscplinary Cooperative (IBBT) research projects in the make? Then you should come and¬†check out which project … Read more →

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Future Internet Assembly – program published

The program details of the 12 FIA break-out sessions are pass it exams now published. Some speakers still need to be confirmed, but you can start putting together your personal program Don’t forget to indicate which sessions you Windows … Read more →

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Cisco upgrades sponsorship

Thanks to the extra support from Cisco we were able to include the participants of the IPv6 conference into the joint conference dinner on Tuesday evening free of extra charge. Cisco thereby upgrades its partnership from bronze to silver!

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